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[Giveaway] The Walking Dead Season 2 |

The Walking Dead Season Two Giveaway

The Walking Dead Season 2 has been an emotional roller-coaster. Clementine finds herself with in a whole new world at the start of All That Remains, still shaking from the aftermath of what happened on the final episode for Season 1.

Episode 2 (A House Divided) started to set the foundation for the rest of the Second Season, introducing much of the cast we would be interacting with. By the time In Harm’s Way was released, Clementine was knee-deep in trouble, and at first it seemed like things could only go downhill from there. Amid the Ruins let’s the player shape Clementine’s character in the build-up to the season finale.

And nothing could prepare players for No Going Back, the final episode that will lead into the eventual first episode of Season Three (unless Telltale Games decides to release an extra episode to bridge the gap between both seasons, as was the case for 400 days), which should be very interesting since there are four possible endings for No Going Back!

Telltale Games has provided us with review copies of every single episode (thanks!), and they’re keeping things going strong by helping to make this giveaway happen! We have two sets of codes for The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2-5, and now is the tie for you to try and win them! (US Codes only)

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    INDEED a ery cool giveaway than you for the chance 😛

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  • I only played the first season so hoping to win. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

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