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Free Points Saturday | Jan 31 2015 |

Welcome to Free Points Saturday!

I’m slowly planning to move the FPS feature over at, so that you guys will be able to score some extra points there since we will also slowly have more and more content (and contests!) over there!

Good luck for this week’s question!

Question: This week, Sony announced that it would remove some of its Vita apps from the system in a future update. One of these soon-to-be-removed apps allowed you to see Vita players in your neighborhood. What is that app’s name?

[question answer=”Near” option=”freepoints” limit=”8″]

  • Vita would’ve succeeded if they had more colors. So games for other systems! Im sooo tired of black, white, and grey!

    I want Red!
    I want Orange!
    I want Purple!

  • I won’t give away the answer, but I am disappointed this is going away…

  • So near, yet so far.

  • I actually still don’t understand Near. It just confuses me.

  • I used Near once but also didn’t understood why I would use it regularly.

    I’m affected by the removal of Youtube though as I use it DAILY on my Vita and I actually prefer this version over the one on my phone…

  • Wait, we’re losing Youtube as well?! Darn it!

  • I love youtube on my phone. It works on my nexus 6 so well. I also like how you can pair it with the ps4 and queue videos on your phone to watch on the ps4.

  • never used it