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New Persona 5 Gameplay Trailer |

A gameplay trailer for upcoming RPG Persona 5 has been released by Atlus (JP) earlier today. This trailer shows a little bit of the world in which the story will take place, as well as a segment of the soundtrack and some of the gameplay.

Persona 5 – 1st Gameplay Trailer

I’m really hyped for this game, and I can’t wait to play it! As of now, this game is scheduled to release in Japan and NA in 2015. Are you interested in this title? Let us know in the comments below!

  • I can’t really tell from this video. Is it still gonna be turn-based combat or are they switching to some sort of action-real-time combat? I prefer turn-based PERSONAlly and this makes a big difference to me.

  • I really hope the battle gameplay is similar to P4G! It was almost perfect!

  • It looks almost like they are taking super hero identities with thier personas which is an interesting choice. I wish this was just on ps4 though, not a huge fan of games on both platforms. Plus this would actually move PS4’s in Japan.

  • i am really excited. I am a big persona fan, so i can’t wait to hear more about it and when the release date is.

  • Hopefully we get a solid release date for this one in the US soon!

  • P5 is looking good and I will definitely get it when it comes out for sure.

  • Tracey Corson

    Definitely getting this i hope it is as good as P4G.

  • agentg

    Well, like most other games coming out, it’s not MADE to be next gen.
    And I must say I’m very surprised by this trailer. After the fourth game, I always assumed the Persona series had become one of those “for fans only” kinda thing, but now they seemed to try to appeal to the audience that felt a barrier in Persona 3.