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Four Sided Fantasy On Its Way From Curve Digital |

Four Sided Fantasy Header Image

Curve Digital got in touch with us to mention that, along with all other projects they have for us to enjoy this year, they’re also working on bringing Four Sided Fantasy to Sony systems in 2016. Want to learn more about the game? Then click after the break to check a video and a couple of screens from Four Sided Fantasy.

Four Sided Fantasy is a game in which you have the ability to maneuver past obstacles using screen wrap. Remember in Pac-Man how you can go off one side of the screen and “wrap” to the other? In Four Sided Fantasy, the player has the ability to toggle this screen wrap on and off at any time.

Four Sided Fantasy - 1

Be sure to stick around at where we’ll bring you more news on Four Sided Fantasy and on all other releases from Curve Studios.

  • This game looks cool, but seeing as we see the same 4-5 game segments over and over again in the video leaves the impression that the level design will have to be very good to fit with this easy gameplay mechanic.