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Awesome Flash Sale Available at the PSN Store! |

Flash Sale - March 2015

Have you been waiting for a chance to use every last cent in your PSN account? Then you’re going to love the Flash Sale that has gone live at the PSN store!

There is a long, long list of games currently on sale for the PSP/Vita/PS3/PS4, so that everyone can easily find something to buy. If you want to check the full list, you can click right here.

There’s platformers, RPGs, action games, simulators, fighters… if you can think of a genre, it probably has a game on sale. You better hurry because the sale ends at 9 a.m. pacific this Monday!

Are you buying something this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

  • These deals are F*king CRAZY! I had like 5 games in my cart before i realized i have waaaaay too much backlog.

    But what would everyone recommend i buy for 90 cents if I have say 100 games to backlog? What is the ONE game. 😛

  • Same here lol
    I ended up picking 4 games!

    Best PSN sale in a while!!

  • I got 3 games. Who knows if I will play them. Loved that Breath of Fire IV.