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Zero Escape 3 Is Coming To Vita! |

Zero Escape 3

Aksys Games has just let us know that they’ll be releasing Zero Escape 3 on PS Vita! As a fan of visual novels, this is great news for me, and I’m counting down the days to when I get a chance to review the game for all of you. Click after the break for a special message regarding this announcement.

Many government organizations have dismissed our urgent warnings regarding the upcoming game event called Zero Time Dilemma. Recent intelligence has escalated our plans and we have come to the decision to contact gamers about the dangers directly. Our ultimate goal has always been to protect the public from the horrific consequences we have foreseen, but it appears our mission to prevent it from occurring may have failed. It is imperative that you make every effort to prepare yourselves for the oncoming deadly game, so that you may survive the coming apocalypse.

  • GD I loved Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. It was my first platinum trophy. I really hope they consider porting 999 over to Vita before the release of this.

  • i already preordered the version that comes with the watch for vita. I can’t wait