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The PlayStation Store PLAY 2015 Promotion Starts Today |

PLAY 2015

The Play 2015 promotion is starting today on PSN! This time around the four games on offer are all on PlayStation 4 (which makes sense since most indies are moving to PS4 now). If you’re at PS+ member and you pre-order the games for this promotion, you’ll get a 20% discount on their launch price. On top of that, if you buy at least two of the four games in the promotion before August 18, you’ll get a 10% discount code for the PSN store… oh, and this discount will apply to your entire cart purchase! Click after the break to learn about the schedule for the release of each game, as well as its price.

7/21 Journey PS+ Pre-Order Price – $11.99 Regular Price – $14.99
(PS4 / PS3)*

7/28 N++ PS+ Pre-Order Price – $15.99 Regular Price – $19.99

8/4 GALAK-Z PS+ Pre-Order Price – $15.99 Regular Price – $19.99

8/11 Everybody’s Gone PS+ Pre-Order Price Р$15.99 Regular Price Р$19.99
To The Rapture
*Cross-Buy title

What do you think of this promotion and of the games offered? Let us know in the comments below!

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