Velocibox Has Been Released on PS Vita

Velocibox Logo

LOOT Entertainment got in touch to announce that Velocibox has been released on PlayStation Vita and on PlayStation 4. If you like games that require you to learn every single move that must be made in order to survive. A single mistake will be your end, and only the best players will be able to secure all trophies for the game.

This diabolical creation from Shawn Beck Games and LOOT Interactive will cause you to uncontrollably scream, yell, and swear at the top of your lungs. Cringe-worthy sounds that make you think twice about whether or not Velocibox is safe for your sanity, your blood pressure, and your nervous system.

We’ll be bringing you a review soon, so be sure to stick around at for that and all of our coverage on the releases from LOOT Entertainment.

Written by: EdEN - Owner / PR / Editor-In-Chief

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