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[Review Revisited] One of the best games in the PS3 library: Rayman Legends |


Rayman Legends is a 2D platformer that features the iconic Rayman character. In this game, you follow Rayman and his friends in the Glade of Dreams as they save the Teensies!

You can read the original review right here.

I’ve been wanting to review rewind this game for a little while now to let everyone know how perfect it is.

What do I like the most about Rayman Legends? How fun it is to boot up in a party (4 simultaneous players) with the musical levels, the inclusion of Rayman Origins in a remastered form, the Kung-Foot mini-mode, the artwork… pretty much everything!

If you see this game on sale (either on PS3, PS4 or Vita), do NOT hesitate to purchase it! Rayman Legends is one of the absolute best games available in the Playstation library!

  • I picked it up on PS4 on sale a few weeks ago. Really good. Loved he music running levels. Those are the best. Although I played Origins recently so I’m now looking forward to redoing those levels.

  • The Rayman Origins levels have been remastered and the “Thoot levels” are now doable, instead of being broken like they were in the original release!