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[Giveaway] Flame Over |

    Flame Over Giveaway

    Tracey had a lot of fun with pyroguelike Flame Over on PS Vita, a tough as nails game that will test your skills at every turn. If you’re not good enough, you’ll be dead in a few seconds, and when you die it is game over. This is a game that you need to try,so thanks to the fine devs at Laughing Jackal we have some US Vita codes for Flame Over for you to win a free copy!

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    • [Bonus 3 Entries] After you have purchased at least 1 ticket you are eligible for video entries. Make a video saying why you want to win. It can be funny, unique, strange, etc. Have fun with it.
      • Include and the name of the item being given away in your video & in the title of the video. Then use the button above to submit your video for review. Leave a comment with a link to your YouTube video.
      • [EARN 60 Points]

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  1. N/A only?

  2. @Ajescent: yea, US Vita codes only. Sorry :/

  3. Hey it’s Vita! Long time no see XD

  4. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Thanks

  6. thank you for the chance

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