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[Vita Racing Game Review] High Tech Racing Plus |


High Tech Racing Plus (or HTR+), is a racing game from QUByte Interactive a Brazilian Studio. Following the success of High Tech Racing, which reached almost eight million downloads, this new updated version released on the Vita very recently.

How does it hold on this console? Read below to find out!

With incredible new graphics, new tracks, new cars and improved new interface, the game promises to conquer even more casual gamers and fans of racing games.
HTR plus brings new challenges, stunning tracks and a more balanced gameplay.

HTR+ Slot Car Simulation – Launch Trailer


HTR+ is a relatively typical arcade racing game in which you must be the first to clear each track to advance to the next one or else you only get some money to improve your cars. About the actual racing gameplay, there isn’t much to say because you can only move forward by pressing “up” on the left stick. You also have a bit of control over your speed as you can press the stick with less pressure to control how fast your car will go. The car steers automatically to the left or right depending on the track’s placement, so I wondered if the actual gameplay would be funnier with full control over the car.

As you begin in the game, you’ll notice very quickly how easy it is to lose control in turns, so the first thing you must learn will be to control your speed at those moments. It felt unnatural at first, and I thought that it was quite hard to manoeuvre in the early tracks. Finishing first in a track yields more money than finishing in second or third, so you must aim for the best slot so that you can upgrade your car (more on this later), but you also get some money as long as you beat your own score, which is a great feature because otherwise upgrading would be a really tedious process.


Since you lose control in turns at first, your first objective will be to upgrade your car’s tires (which enhance the “grip” status). Upgrading is easy, and depending on how much money you possess, you can upgrade either the whole base car, the engine, the chassis, or the tires. Each upgrade enhances one or more of the stats for your car, and (thankfully), upgrades carry on as you upgrade the base car (there are plenty of base cars to select). One of the things that I found was weird is that once a car piece is bought, it must also be manually equipped, which was not evident at first. I would’ve preferred if once a piece is purchased it asked if I wanted to equip it to speed things up.

The tracks difficulty at Normal was fair, and since upgrading your vehicle requires more money as you progress, take note that “grinding” the same tracks again will be necessary to get enough money to complete the harder ones. Speaking of that, each track takes around 1 to 2 minutes to beat the required total laps, so this definitely gives the game an arcade feel.

High Tech Racing Plus also includes a Map Editor that makes it pretty easy to build your own tracks, but the allowed area to do so is relatively small, so you probably will quickly be limited by the editor and not by your imagination.


The game engine was fluid in menus but didn’t manage to keep a steady frame rate during actual racing. Finally, the most important issue I had with this game was the loading times. Essentially, booting the game takes already some time, and then each time you load a track you get a loading screen – even when retrying the same level.


Honestly, I’m not a super fan of racing games, and if you aren’t one, this game probably won’t convince you to join the genre. It’s hard at first, and the loading times encountered didn’t help either, but at least the tracks can be quickly done so this will please many gamers. If you like racing games, I’m sure this one will please you.


Arcade gameplay
Easy to upgrade cars
Loading times are longer than usual, even when retrying the same track


Cost: $9.99

PSN Game Size: 186MB


This review is based on a digital copy provided by QUByte Interactive.