Dariusburst Chronicles Savior Now Available On PS Vita

Dariusburst Chronicles Savior

Dariusburst Chronicles Savior, the newest entry in the long-running arcade shoot ’em up is ready for you to enjoy on PS Vita and PlayStation 4! This is a very interesting release for Sony platforms, according to the info shared by Adam Milecki, Game Producer at DegiGames:

Dariusburst Chronicles Savior - 1

Dariusburst Chronicles Savior brings a lot to the table. Between the brand new story mode with hundreds of stages covering Darius history and the 3000+ stages unlockable by global players in AC Chronicle mode, you’ve got a wealth of stages to blast your way through. Not only that, but they branch, allowing you to choose your own path and challenge level. This adds a ton of replay value!

Dariusburst Chronicles Savior - 2

Written by: EdEN - Owner / PR / Editor-In-Chief

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