Progress Report- Trails of Cold Steel II Localization

Trails of Cold Steel II

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XSEED did new post to talk about the localization progress for Trails of Cold Steel II (a post you can check right here). The good news is that the localization efforts are moving along at a steady pace and according to schedule, which is great news for us since we loved Trails of Cold Steel!

Translation: 95% complete
Editing: 42% complete

And those numbers mean… we’re right on schedule! Translation on the 1.45 million character monster started in February 2015, and editing began shortly after Trails of Cold Steel finished wrapping up.

So far so good since this means our odds of playing the sequel to Trails of Cold Steel this year are good! Did you already finish Trails of Cold Steel? Are you looking forward to this sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by: Ceidz - Owner / Website Manager / Contributing Editor

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