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[Review Revisited] Okabu |

  • On August 20, 2017

Okabu - Review Revisited

It’s time for a new Review Revisited! For this one I wanted to go in a completely different direction from the last Review Revisited I posted (Corpse Party!), going for a very colorful release that is more in line with last week’s Review Revisited for Derrick the Deahtfin.

You can read the original review for Okabu right here.

Okabu is a colorful and charming platformer that merges old school rules with new school mechanics and ideas. I recently went back to the game as I’m trying to get the Platinum trophy (or 100% trophies) for some of the games in my backlog, and I figured it was a perfect option for a Review Revisited.

I’ve now spent over 20 hours with the game and I’m probably another 10-15 hours away from the Platinum, and it’s been a very fun ride.

  • Tracey Corson

    This game has a platinum ? Must be another one of those hidden gems that i have missed! i must look it up next time i boot up my ps3 🙂 Nice review by the way!