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Be a writer for | prides itself on being all about the Community. Everyone on this site simply started out as a regular visitor, including almost the entire blog staff. What makes this site what it is are those who take the initiative to post news. That’s where you come in.

If you want to help us with content on this site, this is the perfect page to get you going in the right direction. We continuously grant new people posting abilities all the time. Even if you only ever post one article, you’re free to return and post another whenever you like. You are under no obligation to write anything. Once you get in, you can even join the exclusive Co-Writer Group, in which we often give you guys chances to do some really cool things, including receiving review copies of games, as well as access to media events.

So what do you have to do? If you want to help us out and become a writer, just reply to this forum topic and Tosh will grant you access!

For your posting avatar you must set up a gravatar. That way you can change up your avatar whenever you wish.

If you feel you aren’t ready for the big leagues, you can start out small by posting QuickNews, which are the smaller articles located in the sidebar. You just need to select the quicknews category for it to show up in the sidebar.

Until we feel comfortable letting you guys post freely, all posts will be moderated before they go live to ensure they meet our standards. Of course, if you are unsure of how to write something, the other writers can always lend you some pointers, and we also have a tips page for writers to use as a resource as well.

And one more thing. When writing an article, we suggest switching the post screen to the HTML editor as opposed to the visual editor. It gives you more freedom and makes it easier to format your articles. Refer to the next tab for general guidelines.

  1. Don’t just copy and paste a story from another site and call it yours, either. Put your own spin on it. You can put part of it in your story, but use the block quote feature.
  2. Please try to make your posts as easy to understand as possible. Spell words correctly, whether that be using British/Canadian or American spelling. Just be consistent. Try not to add words to a sentence that don’t add any meaning. For example, just say “now” instead of “at this point in time”. Keep it simple. It’s OK if that suits your writing style more, but try to write articles in a way everyone can understand them, not just English majors.
  3. Use a category specific to your post. If the game isn’t listed in the categories yet, go to PS3 Software > and select the first letter of the title of the game. We’ll add the game before approving your post.
  4. Post Tags: We only use post tags for putting in the developer of the game or maker of a product.
    • When you type in a tag, wait for a couple seconds for it to search for post tags already created.
    • If it’s been used before it will drop down below your text, then just click that.
    • If nothing pulls up you probably don’t need to add it.
  5. If you want to do a QuickNews story, just select the category “Quicknews”. But remember that the category “QuickNews” puts your article into the small column to the right of the main column on the Home page, so unless your post is REALLY short, you shouldn’t use Quicknews. It can also be used for trailers as well, but keep in mind, size will be limited to just 250 pixels
  6. Put the link to the article you are referring to at the bottom of the post. The form is just “Name of Article”. I prefer that over the “Read” link that Engadget uses. If your article is based off of another, or you’re writing your own commentary of the same subject, always try to use a source.
  7. Please try to give your post a descriptive name that tells readers what the article will be about. The benefits are many. Google likes it better for finding articles, it’s easier to understand, and readers can find articles faster. Please try to use keywords relevant to the blog in your blog entry. This helps Google index the site better.
  8. You can include images/videos in your posts if you like. The max width at the moment is 620 pixels. But you can embed 640 pixel wide YouTube and Viddler videos if you’d like. If you don’t have software to resize the images, you can actually edit the size and crop it after you upload it.
  9. In general, blog readers don’t really like wading through long pieces of boring text. So if you have a longer piece, consider breaking it up with pictures, headings for each section (in bold), italicized and/or boldfaced keywords, etc. Try to make the post as easy to read as possible. Make sure there’s a space between your text and a large image.We usually have an image between every third or fourth paragraph.
  10. Please preview your post before you make it live; use spell check if need be as well.
  11. Please be civil. No four letter words or God references (like “Oh my God!”). If a user replies to your post in a hostile or condescending manner, try to be civil in return, addressing his points. If said member continues with the attitude, refer to either Tosh or Jay to handle the situation.
  12. Always preview your post before you click “Submit for Review”. This will give you a direct look at what your article will look like when a visitor opens it. If it looks good to you, then you should be fine. All that would be left is waiting for approval.

In the case that two people posted the same article, the person who submits it first will have posting rights and will get the credit. No worries, though. We are very fair about it.

Don’t worry if you get an e-mail saying your news story has been rejected. That just means I made some notes, which appear in the top right area of Edit Post page. The notes also appear in an e-mail sent to you. Correct those issues and re-submit it.
Make sure you put the e-mail “[email protected]” on your safe e-mail list. Do not try to e-mail anything to this e-mail address. It will fail.