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HOARD to Get Voice Chat

March 27, 2011 | | 12 Comments

Not sure why voice chat wasn’t implemented into the game when it was released. Maybe the devs didn’t know how well the game would do when they released it, so they decided to do without it. I am happy to say that the devs are going to add Voice Chat in their next patch.

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New Dead Island Screens!

March 25, 2011 | | 7 Comments

Straight from the meat factory itself, here are some new screenshots from the upcoming apocalyptic, horror, zombie walking Dead Island game. Now I wasn’t aware there are going to be different classes in this game but it appears so. Here … Read More

Shoot Many Robots Video Interview

March 23, 2011 | | 5 Comments

Have you heard of Demiurge Studios, or maybe Shoot Many Robots? No?? Well, that’s okay. I am sure you’ve heard of games such as Bioshock, Brothers in Arms, Borderlands, and Mass Effect, to name a few. Founded in 2002, Demiurge Studios is one of the leading independent talents in the Boston area. Which, until recently, I found, is quite the hot spot for a good amount of the game development community.

These guys were always the guns for hire that helped companies, such as Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Gearbox Software, and THQ, create just some of the awesome games I listed above. If you are interested in the entire list of games they took part in, you can check it out at Wikipedia. It seems like Demiurge Studios has recently shifted their strategy a little and decided to release their very own original IP, Shoot Many Robots.

How did they think of this game, you ask? Well, the team meets on a regular basis and just throws some ideas around. One day, someone said that they wanted to make a game about shooting robots. After some tweaking, and in between project development, the team finally came up with what you are about to see.

**Josh and I playing**
**Cameraman is Job their PR guy**

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More Dynasty Warriors 7 Screens

March 23, 2011 | | 2 Comments

Just several days ago I alerted some of you that there was a new Dynasty Warriors 7 gameplay video and screenshots. Today I am here to give you some more of that screenshot goodness, hit the jump to look at several different shots from different points of the game.

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Portal 2, New Investment Opportunity

March 22, 2011 | | 2 Comments

Today Valve announced that they are partnering with Aperture Science to bring a new and exciting video series leading up to Portal 2’s release. In this four part series, they will educate the public on why it’s important to invest … Read More

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Impressions

March 22, 2011 | | 10 Comments

When I was at PAX East 2011, I got a chance to see brand new footage of Deus Ex: Human Revolution with several thousand other people. The only problem with that was that we weren’t allowed to capture it. I can totally understand why Eidos Montreal thought that was for the best. After all, the footage was from a build that was several months old, but after seeing what I saw, I was really impressed.

Honestly, I don’t see how that footage could have hurt the game; it was everything it should have been. To start things off, watch the video below. It gives you a look at what we saw, but does cut it short, since once the main hero entered the building, we got to see more of the action.

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PAX East 2011: Video Interview of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

March 19, 2011 | | 11 Comments

I caught up with Shane Bettenhausen of UTV Ignition Games at PAX East last week and had a chance to talk to him a little bit about El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. The game caught my eye because it’s one of those games coming out that seems to be really different from the usual run and gun. I must admit that I am a little surprised that this is the first time I have even heard of the game; I am not saying that I know everything and anything about games, but since I do write on this blog, I try to stay on top of things. After running a search on the game in Google, I noticed that there was news of it going all the way back to mid 2010. It’s not ages ago, but it seems like news for this game has been floating out there for some time now; a little disappointing that we haven’t posted anything about it here. Hit the jump to see what this game is all about:

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Dynasty Warriors 7, Gameplay & Screens

March 19, 2011 | | 7 Comments

We received word that there are a bunch of new assets out for Dynasty Warriors 7, and rightfully so, as the game is on the brink of release in North America. The game which has already released in Japan on the 10th of March, will be out across the global with a release in North America on the 29th of March and the 8th of April in the EU.

In Dynasty Warrior 7, experience a new Story Mode and follow the captivating story of four Kingdoms battling for rule of China. Experience the individual tales of the Shu, Wu, Wei, and the new Jin Kingdoms as they shape China from the warring chaos at the end of the Later Han period to the division of the Lan into Three Kingdoms. Take your faction through this key point in history and tell the story of the Dynasty that rose to seize power and unify the country once again

Check out the video and screenshots after the jump and if you want more information about the game check out the Dynasty Warrior 7 website.

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