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I’m just some guy from the northern wastelands of Canada with the illusion that my writing is decent. I’m not entirely sure if anyone will actually read this paragraph since it seems buried, but if you did: Cool. have a +1 [Current Internet Meme Here]

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The End Of Metal Gear Online

February 14, 2012 | | 8 Comments

Imitation TeamworkHow many of you own Metal Gear Solid 4? Like currently; right now, sitting on your shelf, begging you to play it with weeping eyes filled with untold promises, hilarity, and putting guards into slightly-less-than-tasteful positions?

How many of you knew it comes with multiplayer? It was actually really good. It had issues, but you could arrange the bodies of sleeping real life opponents into creative positions (and if for some reason you actually found someone with a mic, they would probably be swearing at you now). The multiplayer piled on the opportunities for teamwork (nothing quite like the feeling of rescuing your bro from a hostage situation), and had a number of systems that were genuinely pioneered: SOPlink, Nonlethal weapons in multiplayer, cardboard box shenanigans, and of course: lingerie magazines. I could go on about all the reasons why we should all be playing it right now, but this next one should do it nicely

Metal Gear Online is falling victim to the Mayan prophecy.

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Things To Look Forward To

June 1, 2011 | | 3 Comments

So something like a week ago, I was given the power of writer. Charged with duties of illustrating the imagery of my mind with the inferior medium of words. To paint tapestries of my opinion using text (and not the ASCII art kind). That’s when I realized I actually need to write something instead of rely on people telepathically reading my mind. And I can’t imagine you want to hear about my new puppy, so let’s, instead, talk about something we collectively care about more.

Namely that E3 is just around the corner. Previews to be shown, Swag to be gifted, Excessively huge TV’s and projectors displaying need to know information, Neon lights, and huge electricity bills. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but the list would go on for a long time. Also, it reminds me of how I’m not going. Which makes me sad. But we can make guesses at what’s to be shown. Or want to see. So lets make this post here the place to throw wishes around; a proverbial water cooler, except less likely to drown you if you were to say you didn’t like the latest episode of “The Office”.

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