GT5 fans, hold on to your PS3’s! (The brief history of game save locking)

Your garage in GT5

One inconvenience for users who want to buy their second PS3 for a variety of reasons, or simply continue a game at a friend’s house, is locked game saves. In the early times of PS3, few games, if any, used locked game saves. This allowed people to share their save files, not a bad thing at all, but also allowed the users to easily backup their game saves, take it anywhere, and continue their game on another PS3. The open nature of the save files also lead to some save file hacking, with the potential to give unfair advantage to users in competitive multiplayer or leader boards. That’s the major negative side of unlocked saves.

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Did Sony Really Need the Sub-Controller?

Sony Move Mock-up
Did Sony really need the Sub-Controller?

After much speculation about its name, Move was revealed in GDC2010. Sony’s take on the “waggle gaming” which also caters to the hardcore gamers will be a welcome alternative to existing control schemes. Move controller’s high precision and depth tracking allows 1:1 reproduction of controller position and orientation in the virtual space, which can accommodate very interesting applications.

Sony’s primary move controller is as simple as it can get, with few buttons which emphasize motion based game control rather than button-mashing action. But there are some things that you cannot do with so few buttons in hardcore games, and moving in vast virtual spaces requires extra input. Enter the sub-controller, with an analogue stick and two extra “shoulder” buttons.

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