My day job as a NOC Tech keeps me busy, but I still find time to get out of the network madness and have fun with a few of my main hobbies: tech and gaming. On the game front, I was truly introduced to the concept of console gaming when the Sega Genesis arrived (my dad worked for Sega, brought home the system and a host of games one afternoon). From then on, I have owned nearly every console system released, but the PS series has by far been my favorite. I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore gamer, yet I did camp outside for 3 days for my PS3 and dragged the wifey along (what a woman). I love a good RPG and fighter but I spend of my time on the connected home side of things. I think the PS3 does this better than any other console, although they need to get on the ball and get some Netflix integration, Divx 7 support and hopefully a little Boxee action.


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