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I LOVE GAMES nuff said :P

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[Beyond PlayStation] Culdcept Revolt Review

October 9, 2017 |

Culdcept Revolt is a card battle game from NIS America which is now available on Nintendo 3DS. Read our Culdcept Revolt to learn more about it!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack Review

September 29, 2017 |

Inti Creates is back on Nintendo Switch, and this time they’re bringing us a compilation of both Azure Striker Gunvolt games. Learn more in our Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack review!

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[PlayStation 4] Pankapu Review

September 28, 2017 |

Pankapu is another Kickstarter success story now available on PlayStation 4. Learn more about this fun game in our Pankapu review!

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[PlayStation 4] Still Time Review

September 27, 2017 |

Still Time is a time travel puzzler on PlayStation 4 in which play as yourself and against yourself and with yourself. Learn more in our Still Time review!

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[PS4] Iron Crypticle Review

September 26, 2017 |

Iron Crypticle from Confused Pelican and TIKIPOD Ltd is a pixel art roguelike twin-stick dungeon crawler. Learn more in our Iron Crypticle review!

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[PS4] Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition Review

September 25, 2017 |

FMV release Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition is out on PlayStation 4. Read our Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition to see if the game is for you!

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[PlayStation 4] Planet of the Eyes Review

September 22, 2017 |

Planet of the Eyes on PS4 is a pretty linear 2D puzzle/platformer that isn’t without its charm. Learn more about this one in our Planet of the Eyes review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Robonauts Review

September 21, 2017 |

Robonauts is a cute and fun platformer/arcade game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this release in our Robonauts and see why we recommend it!

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