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[Giveaway Winners] Has Hit 1 Million Points!

January 12, 2012 | | 13 Comments

I was surprised we had so many enter this giveaway. We had 256 entries in this giveaway! Thank you to all that entered. I picked 5 winners at random and the winners are: ZFM12, Darklurkr23, Oly, SubMonkey, EdEN. Congrats to … Read More

[Game Night] Battlefield 3/Uncharted 3 | Jan. 9th

January 9, 2012 | | 11 Comments

Sorry I got this post up a little late. I wasn’t sure I could host a game night until now. So let’s play some Uncharted 3 and/or Uncharted 3. We will gauge interest in the text chat to see what people want to play more or first.

When I invite you to the XMB text chat room. PLEASE JOIN IT!
Makes it much easier to communicate quickly if we loose somebody.
Plus this is where I share the secret word so you can get your game night points below.

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January 9, 2012 | | 12 Comments

Had a big year in 2011 in many ways. We had Oly & EdEN officially join the team. Oly, Eddie, and I attended E3 2011, and it was a blast. We finally started our own podcast, called the PS3BlogCast, which has had 31 episodes with 9,018 downloads/listens so far! Big kudos to Jcmdaddy (for being the host!), Ace, and FooBear408 for primarily running the podcast.

Our giveaway system has slowly evolved over the past year and I’m really proud of the final product now. It’s much easier for members to enter a giveaway. Plus, it’s so easy for us to pick winners at random. The betting system I created turned out to be a bigger hit than I’d thought it would be; I’m glad to see people are using it.

Thank you all for your suggestions and finding bugs so I can fix them. In fact, you can get the giveaway & betting system that I developed for your own WordPress site! See how to get it here.

We added more ways to earn points, such as answering questions. For example: Free Points Saturday, Game Nights & getting points for listening to the PS3BlogCast.

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Blu-ray Releases For The Week Of Jan 9th

January 9, 2012 | | 5 Comments

I haven’t seen any of the movies this week. So I can’t really comment on any of them. But I saw that “The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption” is out this week and that just looks awful … Read More

[Giveaway] Has Hit 1 Million Points!

January 3, 2012 | | 17 Comments

We have finally passed the 1 million point mark on December 28th, 2011 at 5:49 (UTC -7) thanks to Oly’s post on Game of Thrones. The points are all earned by members of! The giveaway and betting accounts are not included in this grand total. You can actually see the community grand total & your percentage of all points earned by all members anytime you wish by going to your personal point logs.

So I say we celebrate this momentous occasion with a PSN Card / T-Shirt / points giveaway! I’ve also changed the values for the giveaway system. You can now get 35 points for sharing the giveaway on Google+, Facebook & Twiter. For following us on Facebook & YouTube you get 10 points. So if you do all the entry methods including the video entry which is now 30 points for a entry you can get 155 points back. If you add us on our Google+ page sometime before the giveaway is over we will post a unique URL which you can use for a bonus entry into the giveaway and earn 10 points for it as well. More info about the prizes after the jump.

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First Printings Of Twisted Metal Will Include Twisted Metal: Black

December 28, 2011 | | 10 Comments

Title says it all. It will include a voucher for a digital download of the classic PS2 title Twisted Metal: Black. That was one of my favorite PS2 titles honestly. It won’t be the online version of TM:Black though. But … Read More

Winners Of The US/UK Carnivores (minis) Bundle

December 22, 2011 | | 7 Comments

Here are the winners of the US Bundle: SubMonkey, Maplesniper, dragon290513, mowmow, Insomniac_24_7. We only had 1 person (wolfkin) enter to win the UK Bundle. So that leaves 4 UK codes. I already posted the extra 4 UK PSN Carnivores … Read More

Double Points For The Rest Of The Year

December 21, 2011 | | 6 Comments

You can now earn double points for the following activities: blog posts, comments, logging in daily, posting in the group forums or main forum. Time to stock up on those points.

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