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[Game Night] Battlefield 3 | Dec 12, 2011

December 8, 2011 | | 19 Comments

It’s time for our first official game night with Battlelfield 3! Maybe we could join a empty game so we are all together and wait for other to show up. Any game type you want to play let me know. You can get 100 points for joining us on game nights. So don’t miss it!

When I invite you to the xmb text chat room. PLEASE JOIN IT! Makes it much easier to communicate quickly if we loose somebody.

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Blu-ray Releases For The Week Of 12.8.11

December 8, 2011 | | 7 Comments

Cowboys & Aliens looked interesting but after reading some reviews I decided not to see it in the theaters and wait for a rental later. I haven’t seen the first or the second “Hangover” movies, am I missing … Read More

[Update] New Chatroom!

December 1, 2011 | | 9 Comments

After much searching and testing we have found a winner! When you post images or videos with this new chat, you can view them right in the chatroom. Pretty cool stuff. You can easily have private chats with other members … Read More

Winners Of The Worms Crazy Golf Giveaway!

November 29, 2011 | | 16 Comments

We had 43 entries in this giveaway and we have 5 winners for this one: mowmow, Jcmdaddy, The_Nmac, wolfkin, Darklurkr23. I forgot to record myself picking the winners this time. Congrats to the winners! Keep earning those points we have … Read More

Blu-ray Releases For The Week Of 11.28.11 | Cave of Forgotten Dreams

November 28, 2011 | | 10 Comments

If you didn’t get to watch “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” in a movie theater with 3D, you truly missed out. It was a surreal experience. It’s a movie about cave art found in France that’s perfectly intact from … Read More IRC Chat Room

November 23, 2011 | | 6 Comments

We are going old school and I setup a IRC chat for! Our channel is so you can type /join if you use another IRC client. I setup a dedicated page for it, you can access … Read More Is Now A Page On Google+

November 23, 2011 | | 8 Comments

We now have a place to gather on Google+ for those of you that have a Google account. We have already had a couple hangouts, complete with some of us using our web cams. We shared YouTube videos with each … Read More

Double Points For The Rest Of November!

November 23, 2011 | | 14 Comments

You can earn double points for the following: blog comments, activity in the group forums & main forum. So stock up on those points while you can. You’ll be needing them!

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