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Resistance 3 Beta Detailed

According to PlayStation Blog, Owners of SOCOM 4 “specially marked Packages” will be able to redeem their codes and get early access to the Beta on Thursday, August 4th. Followed by PlayStation Plus subscribers in the UK and Europe reign whom will get access on August 10th. As for U.S Plus subscribers they will have to wait until August 23rd to access the beta. The Resistance 3 Beta will include two of the game’s major maps, the Seaside of Glamorgan in Wales and a Train yard in Bogota Colombia. More details ahead:

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Twisted Metal Open Beta Denied

During a Comic-Con interview with Gamespot, Twisted Metal series creator David Jaffe confirmed that Twisted Metal “doesn’t” need an open Multiplayer beta.

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Uncharted 3 MP Beta: New Week 2 Content

There have been some complaints here and there about how the UC 3 Multiplayer Beta doesn’t have enough things to do as there’s just not that many maps or types of matches you can participate in. That is all about to change today as the new content for the second week of the Beta has been made available for everyone to take out for a spin!

What can you expect when you login to PSN and take Drake for a new, all exciting bumpy ride? Click on!

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Uncharted 3 Beta Creepy Crawler Kickback Code + Points Giveaway

We have 2 extra codes for the Uncharted 3 Beta Creepy Crawler Kickback pictured above. To enter leave a comment on what kind of kickback you’d like to see in Uncharted 3. Can be serious or silly. I prefer the later myself, get creative people.

Winners will be chosen at random on Friday, July 1st so get your comment in before the end of June. Each winner will also get 500 points which can be used for future giveaways or for gambling against other members.


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