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Call of Duty Elite Info, and Beta Testing Sign-up

This somewhat funny video, entitled The Legend of Karl, has been released to give us more information about the newly announced Call of Duty Elite subscription service.
They have also announce a Call of Duty Elite Beta starting sometime this summer. You can sign-up now, at

Although pretty vague, here are the main features announced:
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Socom 4 Beta Schedule 2 – KZ3 Codes

The second big wave of the Socom 4 Beta opens today. The codes winners received in our contest, and in your copies of Killzone 3, go live today! There is a lot of fun to be had, and there is also a schedule of what modes will be available, just like last week. Here is what to expect:

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Socom 4 Beta Code Winners

We had a total of 51 who entered the contest. The winners were picked randomly. If you have won expect a private message today including instructions and your beta code. Congratulations to:

1. jmann
2. chart1710
3. whtetrashwarrior
4. reignofrain89

Thanks to all that entered! Stop by and wish the Blog a Happy Birthday HERE for a chance to win at another contest!


SOCOM 4 Beta Code Giveaway

We have some SOCOM 4 Beta codes for members to give away! The Socom 4 Codes go into effect on March 29th, and will allow you to participate in all four game modes (spanning two maps).

To enter, you must be a member. Registration is easy, and will only take a few minutes. It will also net you your first 100 points to allow you to enter into the contest. Simple, right?

You can donate 100 points to username “Lottery” once a day (to further increase your chances, don’t miss a day). Tosh and Oly have also pitched in some codes, allowing for multiple winners. Entry date ends at 11:59:59 PM, March 17th, Arizona time. Further details of the beta after the jump.

Contest over.

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