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Game Night Tonight

killzone2_smallSo it’s been a while since we got together for a games night. Killzone 2 now has 3 map packs consisting of 6 extra maps. I propose that we get together tonight for some Killzone 2 action!

If you’re not already in The Mockers, you can join our game anyway. (You just need to have a friend in the Mockers to find the game.) Or you can join The Mockers by following this link.

I’ll be setting up a game tonight at 10pm EST. Come join the fun! Please respond to let me know if you’re coming.


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Rerun of this killzone game

At first, it was just me and Blackstaffer. Screwing around, playing with flamethrowers, killing bugs, getting to know the map… Then we had another player come and join in, well that’s about all who came. I’d say that match was moderately fun for 3 players. When we hit the next map, well it didn’t fare too well. It was just plain cat and mouse at this point. When the match switched to assassination, he left. Me and Blackstaffer left the game and I joined his. I’ll be making another game tomorrow, at 10 ea time. Hopefully, I’ll see you there.

PS, for future games for PS3Blog. I’ll be posting them here. Or in the shoutbox.


PS3Blogs weekly game.

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Instead of using The Mockers, which is our Killzone 2 Clan. I was wondering, maybe we could move from Killzone to another game. In my last post, here. Doshin730 gave a great point that we could move it to Battlefield 1943, which I don’t own. Do you want to move it to Battlefield 1943, Fat Princess (comes out this week :D), or keep it at Killzone 2?

Whoever sets up the game, name it “The Mockers”.  Tuesday 10 Eastern Time, Wednesday 9 Eastern.


Lets Revive The Mockers Clan.

So, some of you know that PS3Blog has its own clan for Killzone 2. And I heard that activity died real fast. I decided last night to download the Killzone 2 map bundle(11.99) and get a game going. I was thinking Wednesday at 9 o’clock eastern time. This is where you tell me if I should add the new maps or not, because i’m not sure if you all have it or not. (You have no idea how hard it was not to say y’all.) Or give me a better day for you and we’ll work it out. By the way, my psn is Thepreppymonk.


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