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Mockers Week #5 Redux

UPDATE: See below under Wednesday and Thursday. Plus, would you guys like me to use the forums for this kind of thing, or continue using

killzone2_smallAbout Tuesday: Well that didn’t work, did it?

I bowed to the pressure and made it a non-bots game so that everyone could get more stats. But it ended up being a three versus three game like any other. I forgot (again) to make sure my headset was charged. Doh!

Did anyone notice any lag?

I can’t say that I was pleased with the spawn camping either. It’s not fun to exit your spawn area to find a turret and two enemies lying in wait. Thanks guys.

Tonight I think I’ll go with my original instinct and we should play some humans versus bots.

About Wednesday: Thanks everyone for showing up! I think it was a mild success. We were all in squads together and sometimes we even backed each other up. I think the main problem was that the bots were too easy to kill. Maybe some Elite bots next time. Next time I hope we can all try to stick together with our squads a little more too.

After most people left, Hentaku, xBerserker (for a while), and I played another game against seven bots. We upped the difficulty to veteran (AFAIK, I didn’t set up the game). We still won.

I was just talking to TCCCCnME, and he said that he didn’t realize that we had left the game to create a new one with tougher bots. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. We were discussing it in the lobby, but I guess not all of you heard that. Even if you don’t have a headset, you should be able to hear conversations if you have your accessory settings set up correctly. The lesson is that if you see people leave a game, wait around for a bit and see if they’ve set up a different one.

About Thursday: I mention what’ll happen tonight in this post.



The Mockers Forum

UPDATE: Sorry everyone, but I installed the forum software incorrectly. (I had installed it in such a way as to make customizing it impossible.) So I reinstalled it, but now it’s “forums” instead of “forum”. (Another mistake on my part.) So now the official forum is You’ll have to register and post again. Sorry about that. Now I have to figure out how to delete the old forum. For some reason, I can’t.

Hello all.

There have been some requests for a forum for The Mockers, so I’ve created one. Please go to to see for yourself.

Please register and post!

As well, you’ll notice that it’s a subdomain of But I don’t have anything there yet. I don’t really know what to do with it – right now it’s just there for the forums.

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Mockers Week #5 – Bots!

killzone2_smallHey all. This week we have something new to play with, if things go to plan. Tomorrow morning the next Killzone patch will go online, and it includes bots! I thought we could try some human versus bots games to learn some teamwork.

So we have to do things a bit differently. One thing that won’t change is the times:

Tuesday @ 10pm EST
Wednesday @ 9pm EST
Thursday @ 10pm EST

The games I create always end up being laggy, so if someone else is online at around the times mentioned above, and there is no game, could you please create a game? Here’s what to remember:

  1. Please name it something like “Mockers VS Bots” or “Mockers + Friends”.
  2. Don’t forget to allow gamers of all levels to join, not just those of your rank.
  3. The password should be the same as always, which is mentioned in the Mockers Message of the Day within the game.
  4. Enable bots!
  5. Turn team balancing off.

Supposedly you can set up a humans vs bots game. I think this is done by turning team balancing off, and having all the human players choose a faction. (Is that right?) So everybody who joins the game should choose ISA, and hopefully the bots will all be Helghast. Anybody know how this actually works?


The Mockers Clan Match

killzone2_smallSome people have asked that we do a clan battle with another clan.

I don’t have a problem with that, but we need to prepare.

First off, who is interested? Your skill level doesn’t matter, but you should be willing to play as a team. Please reply to this post if you’re willing and able to play in a clan battle, probably on a Wednesday night. Please don’t reply if you can’t make it.

Second, it would be good if we could get some team tactics established. So I’m looking for some suggestions for how to play together as a team. Here are a couple I thought of:

  1. We should have at least two turret placers on our team. They can place the turrets where they are most effective for a given round. Then once the round is over, they should destroy the turrets so that they can create new ones that are best situated for the next round type.
  2. We need at least one person to place spawn points. Remember that people spawn out of spawn points facing the opposite direction of the person who placed the spawn point at time of placing. I volunteer to be a spawn point person.
  3. Dying doesn’t matter for any game mode except Body Count (unless you’re the assassination target). So it’s a good tactic, for example, to place yourself between the enemy and someone arming/disarming a bomb.
  4. Everyone has to be in a squad. So if it’s a team of five, it’s no good to have a squad of four people plus a loner. Also, headsets should be charged before the match starts. I’ve fallen victim to that mistake myself.
  5. Each squad should have an objective and work together as a team to achieve it. In Capture & Hold, for example, we could have one squad tasked with holding one location, while another squad takes care of the other. (The third location doesn’t matter if we hold two.) How will we determine which squad does what?

What did I miss? I’ll add them to this list.

Third, I want to try those team tactics in our private games before we go up against another clan. Now that bots are coming in a patch next week, we could do a clan match of us versus the bots, to practice.

What do you guys think?


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