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PS3 Software Update 4.20

Software update 4.20, released on June 20th, 2012, introduces new security patches, settings, features and some other items. For a full list of new features visit the official PlayStation site. Please note that the new system update is required in order to visit the PlayStation store and access some online features.

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PS3 System Software Update (v4.10)

Firmware v4.10 will be released today with a new terms of services for you to accept. The new firmware is intended to change your PSN account to a “Sony Entertainment Network Account”, in efforts to unite all Sony media services. It will also carry major tweaks to the PlayStation 3 Internet browser which, according to Sony will make the browsing process a bet faster.

For more information on the new firmware, visit the official PlayStation Blog.


PS3 Firmware Update 4.00

Getting ready for the Vita Japanese release? Well, The new PS3 software update was released yesterday to get your PS3 ready for the arrival of the PS Vita. According to the official PlayStation blog, “update (v4.00) will prepare your PS3 to serve as a content management device”. That basically means that you will be able to save all your digital content (music, movies, saved data, games …) between your PS3 and the PS Vita. You will also be able to update your Vita using the PS3 network. Although the main theme for this update is introducing the PS Vita management system to your PS3, but there will be some other features (mainly for PlayStation Plus members) installed in the process, as after the update PS+ members will be able to choose to enable of disable each of the previous (v3.72) automatic update features (game patches, software update, Sync trophies …). There will be also a “new PlayStation Network setting for filtering friend requests and messages” for all users.

For more information, tips on installation or questions regarding the new software update, visit this link.


PS3 Firmware Update 3.73

After launching update 3.70, which added only a few functionality features including the ability to share recommendations for PlayStation store items, PlayStation announced via Twitter yet another non-mandatory update which will improve your console’s stability in certain areas.

A new, non-mandatory PS3 firmware update, v3.73, is now available. Stability during use of certain PS3 format software has been improved.


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