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PS3 and PSP Bundles incoming

Looks like we have a few new bargains in the form of bundles coming our way. The first is the Dad’s and Grad’s bundle featuring MLB The Show and GranTurismo along with a 2gb memory card and a piano black PSP.

You can grab one for $159.99 this June. Honestly I have both titles and these are some graphical power house’s with killer game play. Great bundle idea. The next bundle is a Black Ops bundle featuring a PlayStation 3 slim and Black ops for $299.99 The first strike DLC is included. Personally, I feel this game is so flawed, I cant believe they are giving it a bundle. The name alone will sell it I guess. May 31st is the release date.

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ModNation Racers Reaches 2 Million Creations/Greatest Hits

I have yet to pick this game up, but according to the developers, players have now made over 2 million creations. To go along with that announcement, the game is also a Greatest Hit, so you an pick it up for $29.99, both at retailers and on PSN (on the NA store anyway).

To celebrate, they want you to pay attention to the ModNation Monday posts all month for contests and stuff, starting next Monday. Be sure to look out for that!

There is also a contest going on, held by Progressive Insurance; the Progressive ModNation Gran Prix, where you can win a 46″ Sony Bravia and a PS Move Sports Champions bundle (they are also sponsoring a free Parts Pack).

I’ll have to pick this up sooner or later…


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New Greatest Hits Added for PS3

If  you only have $29.99 at the moment and want to get a new game for your PS3 then here’s a great deal: seven new games have been added to the Greatest Hits line and are now available at half of their original launch price. Follow the link for the full list.


Official Word on UK PS3 Bundles

Picture was a mock up of previously unannounced bundle. Final product may vary.

It looks like Sony will, indeed, be offering bundles (at least in the UK) for the PS3, featuring 250GB hard drives (the Final Fantasy XIII bundle was already confirmed for Japan). They will start showing up on October 1st (which is when the PSP Go also launches). The first bundles to show up will vary between multiple titles, including one that comes with two Greatest Hits titles and the other will be an inFamous bundle (for those of you who haven’t played inFamous, it’s really good!).

On October 16th, an Uncharted 2 bundle will hit shelves (day and date with the actual game release) and a couple days later on the 19th, the Blu-Ray movie pack will be made available, which also includes a Blu-Ray remote and a copy of both X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Dark Knight. Also, according to a press release from yesterday, there will also be FIFA 10 and Need for Speed: Shift bundles. The bundles will go on sale for GBP 284.99. As far as why Sony decided to come out with these bundles, they stated:

Following the great success of the new, smaller, 120GB PS3, which sold over one million units in its first three weeks on sale, the 250GB model has the same hardware specifications as the current model, but with greater storage space, to offer consumers even more choice.

No word on whether or not any bundles will hit the states, though.


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