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50 Percent Off Select PlayStation 3 Accessories

Sony is throwing down some killer deals across many of its Accessories for everything from move to audio. The following are some of it’s Move Accessories.

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Get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for 99 Pence in UK

GameStop is running a deal where you can score MW3 for only 99 pence. Insane? I think so, seeing as what is required made me chuckle.

How it all works:

1: You order Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 from GameStop (UK) and return BF3 in the prepaid envelope before MW3 launches; you’ll be refunded the money (save for 99p), and it’s yours.

Crazy? Smart marketing? Did your jaw just drop to the floor like mine did in shock?

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40% off everything at Blockbuster Canada

Sorry this story is a little late. I realize that this sale has been going on for more then 2 weeks but if you didn’t know… Blockbuster is closing all of its remaining 253 Canadian locations and they have decided to lower the price on all movies AND games by 40%. Yes that includes new games, so if you haven’t already gone, and you live in Canada, you should check out the selection of games they are offering and try to find a good deal. A friend of mine bought NHL 12 for $37 and I spotted Red Faction Armageddon for the same price.


NIS America Weekend Update (on a Thursday)

Disgaea 4 will be released on September 6th and in case you want to get the awesome Premium Box Edition you better pre-order NOW… but if you’ve got even more money to spare then you can go directly to the NIS America Store and buy the even awesome-r edition that is exclusive to the online store!

And for those of us that bought Atelier Rorona last year, the next game in the series is now officially double-pinky swear confirmed for release on September 27th both in a regular edition and a premium box (love you NIS America)! No details of the box have been made public (guess they want us to buy Disgaea 4 first) so we’ll have an update as soon as that information is available but if it’s like the one we got for Atelier Rorona then they can have my $60 right now. Remember kids, we ALWAYS find money to spend on Collector’s Editions!