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Saints Row: The Third Platinum Pack & the Professor Genki Hyper-Ordinary Pre-Order Pack

For the ones interested in a little extra something, we give you SR3 platinum pack. The Platinum pack advertised in Gamestop will contain the items listed below:

– Exclusive Custom Molded Saints Row Headset*
– Professor Genki Hyper-Ordinary Pre-Order Pack
– Exclusive in-game soundtrack.
– Saints Row: The Third game

Here is a photo of Professor Genki Hyper-Ordinary Pre-Order Pack, which will contain the following:

– Man-A-Pult Car
– Octopuss Gun
– Genki Suit


Great offer on pre-orders+ more

Got any old titles laying around and want to get a killer trade in value? Gamestop is offering 40% on all trade ins towards any E3 title. The full trade in amount must be applied towards your pre-order. I have made a killing on these before by trading in enough to pay something off and having extra left over to buy a few other things. If your a member you also get an extra 10% on top of that.

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4th of July Sales!

We have tons and tons of killer deals on videogames going on the 4th. How does 84 cents for a game sound? $4.99 sound good to? Well lets start with Bestbuy which has games like Fallout New Vegas for $9.99 and many others marked down to $4.99. Fifa South Africa for $9.99 is insanely good to boot. Simply add to cart and chose pickup at store to have your titles held before the rush hrs. Visit THIS LINK for the Bestbuy sale.

EA is having a huge IOS sale as well which can be found at THIS LINK

Amazon is clearly taking the cake this year with games as low as 84 cents people. Xmas will be here before you know it at the rate time fly’s so you can make a killing on some filler at THIS LINK.

They are also running a buy one get one free at THIS LINK.


PSN Cards 25% off until July 2nd

Gohastings is running 25% off on PSN cards good until July 2nd. These deals are usually found at Toys”R”Us & Walmart for short periods by word of mouth. Now is the perfect time to go and stock up on a few cards. You can find a Gohastings locations here.

Source: GoozerNation


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