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Dead Space Ignition Review

Since Dead Space 2 won’t be released until early in 2011 (January 25 to be precise) EA has decided they should get something out to us so we don’t forget about the franchise. Their choice was Dead Space Ignition which can be described as a motion comic with some quick mini-games sprinkled between all the dialogue.

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Dragon Age 2 Freebies

As we mentioned on this site some months ago, Bioware was giving away codes for a free in-game item (Staff of Parthalan) for their upcoming title Dragon Age 2 when you sign up for their newsletter. The original cut-off date for signing up was back in July 2010, and the codes went out a few weeks ago, but Bioware recently announced that they are extending the program indefinitely. So if you missed out earlier, why not sign up for the newsletter now?

Also, if you pre-order the game from EA’s website before Jan. 11, 2011, you will automatically receive the “signature edition,” which includes a playable character, four weapons, and the downloadable soundtrack.

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Pre-Order Dead Space 2 and Get the Prequel “Dead Space: Ignition” Free!


At an annual GameStop conference, EA announced that Dead Space 2 will not only have multiplayer, but pre-ordering the game will get you a free “Rivet Gun” AND the prequel “Dead Space: Ignition” totally free! How can you beat that?

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