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Tips and Tricks: Manually Adjusting Custom Soundtrack Volume

As you know, I’ve been a Smackdown game fan since they first came out. Although I’m not into wrestling as much now as I was when I was a kid, I still enjoy these games. Over the past few years, the games allowed for you to use custom soundtracks for the wrestlers, which is a neat feature (and on PS3, works better since you don’t have to create playlists or anything).

With this year’s giving you the ability to download created superstars, with editing options (finally), the use of custom soundtracks and theme music is definitely more rampant. The only downside is that, more often than not (and likely on any other game that supports custom soundtracks and no way to adjust volume), the music is far too loud and drowns out the game’s audio (even if the in-game audio is maxed out on the volume). With no way to adjust it in-game, we have to manually do so. Luckily, I have a solution to that problem.

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Tips and Tricks: Redeeming PSN Codes on the Web

I thought I’d start doing a PSN/PS3 “Tips and Tricks” post every week until I run out of things to talk about. I have some good posts planned, but welcome any ideas you all might have. Special thanks to Jay for creating the banner!!

First up, I wanted to show everyone how to enter PSN Codes using their PC. This would be for a PlayStation®Network Card number or a promotion code for beta codes, character skins, etc. This really comes in handy with the Twitter or Website giveaways when they list a bunch of codes and you have to be the first to grab it.

PSN account management over the world wide web has been available for a long time now, however PlayStation does not make it easy to find. Searching for it doesn’t work, and even going directly to the PSN store website doesn’t give you the option to find it.
So here’s how:
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Playstation 3 Trophies

Ok there seems to be some confusion in the comments here regarding trophies so let me clear it up, it is mandatory for all new releases on PS3 to include trophies much like it is on Xbox with achievements. Here is a quote from when the story broke almost 2 years ago now;

a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe spokesperson confirmed that this information is accurate, stating: “Yes from Jan 09 all games must have trophies.”

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Demon’s Souls Guide

This is an old 2009 game, but it’s definitely one of my favorite PS3 titles, so here is a guide with some basic tips and suggestions for people wanting to give this game a try:

What is Demon’s Souls?

If you haven’t played it, think of a third person melee action game like God of War with RPG class play styles (mage, priest, rogue, and multiple warrior types). Then, add RPG mechanics, a non-linear level hub system, lots of very challenging optional side quests, item crafting, character customization, and a very creative online PvP and co-op that are tied into the main single player game.

There is a very unique rule system, and the fun is discovering all of it. It can be difficult and there are some really frustrating and confusing parts, but this is definitely a must try if you have any interest in RPG like games.

Starter Character Builds

The most common starter build recommendation seems to be to start with a Royal which starts the game with a range attack fire spell, and a mana regenerating ring. Honestly, this build does make the first level super easy. You can basically insta-kill almost everything from a safe distance. But after 1-1, there are many areas where you can’t hang back and cast spells, and this becomes a harder build to play.

The easiest starter build is probably a temple knight. You have good armor, you don’t die so easily, and you can use faith spells (miracles) to heal yourself between monsters without burning through healing herbs which are in tight supply early on.

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