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Sony’s Head Mounted Display: HMZ-V1

At CES 2011, this was demoed as a mere concept, now it’s scheduled to be a real shipping product.

  • Twin 720p OLED displays. Supposedly this provides higher image quality than traditional LCD displays.
  • Optical lenses give the viewer a widescreen 45-degree horizontal viewing angle. The lenses simulate a 750-inch virtual screen with a virtual viewing distance of approximately 20m (quoted from Sony PR, yes they are mixing metric/English units).
  • Stereoscopic 3D support that works at full brightness that is 100% crosstalk free.
  • HDMI in and HDMI passthrough
  • Requires wired connection to separate processing box.
  • Integrated Virtual Surround Sound Audio.

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Do you own PS Move? Then this list will make you happy!

Here’s an updated list of all the Move enabled games (Move exclusive, enhanced or with extra Move content included) to make the most of your $100 purchase (since most of you got it in a bundle, right?). Full list after the break:

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Nintendo to Sony: It’s on like Donkey Kong

Nintendo have realized that the price they set for the 3DS along with the really “not there” launch lineup were huuuuuuuuuuge factors for the system not selling as much as was expected from the Nintendo DS successor (the best selling portable of all times). About 720,000 3DS units were sold from April to June 2011… worldwide. That is NOT great news for Nintendo investors (they’re sorta mad) and with the Vita from Sony picking up several extra stops on the hype train route AND being priced at a “boy will Sony lose money per unit”$249.99 launch price for the Wi-Fi only model … what can Nintendo do? How about bringing the price down from $250 into a more consumer friendly $169.99 and giving early consumers a GREAT “thank you” by offering them lots of free NES/GBA games for their 3DS instead of being a douche and saying “though luck” to early adopters?

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Jack Tretton Sony C.E.O. Talks About Hackers & 3D Gaming

Sony CEO Jack Tretton during the E3 2011 Press Conference.

In a recent interview with the New York Times. Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony America responds to tough questions and offers insight regarding the recent hacking attacked that the company experienced.
Last week during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Mr. Tretton enthusiastically spoke about the latest upcoming games such as Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3, All PlayStation exclusives. He also presented the new handheld gaming device, the PlayStation Vita.

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