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[E3 2011] New 3D Display and Accessories for PS3

One relatively surprising announcement to come out the the conference yesterday was for this neat piece of hardware. Starting this Fall, retailers will be selling this new 24″ PlayStation-branded display for use with the PS3. It’s a 24″, 1080P 3D television that also showcases a feature Sakinah talked about in February, and that’s using the same display for two players, giving each player his or her own view on the display.

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Battlefield 3 to Get Move and 3D Support!?

The new Frostbite 2.0 engine is definitely giving Battlefield 3 an extra coating of graphical goodness, but are the game’s developers open to adding more fancy tech to the game’s visuals? Like, for example, stereoscopic 3D? Or maybe badass motion control? DICE boss Karl Magnus Troedsson says it could happen.

Troedsson was recently asked by OPM (Official PlayStation Magazine) if there was any possibility of DICE adding both 3D and Move support to Battlefield 3’s PlayStation 3 release. His answer?

“We are thinking about it, yes, definitely.”

In the same Battlefield 3 feature, DICE art director Gustav Tilleby added:

“Of course we look at what the others are doing. At the same time, we’re looking at what we can improve. I think the technology we have is a step beyond what the others have.”

DICE and Electronic Arts have been singing the praises of their new engine for quite some time now, and judging by the videos we’ve seen it certainly looks like they’re pretty damn entitled to it.


Review: Stereoscopic 3D

Stereo 3D + Games = Immersion

Stereo 3D gives the player natural two eye depth perception in the simulated 3D environment. In movies, this is great, but in interactive games it’s much more important. For example, in a racing game like Motorstorm, the core play mechanics involve dodging obstacles, maneuvering between vehicles, making jumps over hazards, etc… Judging distances in the 3D environment is a very fundamental part of those play mechanics and using your brain’s natural depth perception makes the game fundamentally more realistic and immersive. When experiencing this title in 3D for the first time, it felt like I could really see into the game; like I was looking into a miniature toy universe.

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Comparing the Nintendo 3DS to Sony’s 3D Efforts

Before anyone decides to remind me this is (look, it takes you back to the home page!) the reason I’m posting this, in the main page no less, is because of how we can compare Nintendo’s effort  to Sony’s 3D push for home entertainment thanks to 3D Blu-ray movies as well as the firmware released for the 3D enabled games available at the moment and in the near future for the PS3.

Now with that out of the way,  let’s consider what the 3DS has to offer at launch and how Sony has decided to price and market their 3D interest in new technology.

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