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[Giveaway Winner] 4Gamers COMM-PLAY Performance Gaming Kit

Over the last week, we have been running a giveaway where we gave you the chance to win a COMM-PLAY Performance Gaming Kit – courtesy of 4Gamers, whom are a UK based PlayStation Approved accessory brand.

We received a stonking 183 entries, which were all a mixture of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube subscription, and Lottery entries.

I have to admit I’m not very good with recording videos, and as we have in the past recorded videos of winners being selected etc, I for this occasion pressed a rather important button on our customised giveaway system where the site itself chooses some lucky individual at random.

So, you want to know who won? Can I have a drum roll please?
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[Giveaway] Stereo Gaming Headset, Dual Charge Stand and a Slick Gold Plated HDMI Cable

Just a little over a week ago we introduced you to 4Gamers, a UK based PlayStation Approved accessory brand. We also gave their COMM-PLAY Performance Gaming Kit a once over, which comprised of a Stereo Gaming Headset with a noise cancellation mic, a Dual Charging Stand and a slick Gold Plated 3D ready HDMI cable.

We’ve been holding off on giving away the kit due to the eagerly awaited PS Vita launch, and now that’s out of the way – you now have a fantastic chance to win this rather unique Performance Gaming Kit.

To be in for a chance to win this rather amazing prize, and then check out all the ways you can enter to win after the jump!

We’d like to give a HUGE thanks to 4Gamers for providing us with the goods. If you’re wondering on whether this prize is worth a punt, then why not have a read of my review?

Remember, the more you do, the better your chance to walk away with a COMM-PLAY Performance Gaming Kit!

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We Introduce To You, 4Gamers

Before I begin, I’d just like to briefly introduce 4Gamers – a UK based PlayStation Approved accessory brand.

4Gamers have been developing quality console accessories for over 6 years, and have since established themselves as a quality brand whose products can be found in every gaming establishment, supermarkets and online stores within the UK.

4Gamers are an Official PlayStation Approved Accessory developer, so you can have the peace of mind that you are buying a product which has been carefully designed and pieced together, and has met the seal of approval from the big cheeses within the Sony corporation.

Their products range from affordable PS3 and the more recent PS Vita cases to headsets and packaged kits which appeal to the more prominent gamer. Currently their products are not available in the US, however this is about to change very soon!

I was recently invited to the 4Gamers UKHQ to see their products first hand, and I’m still wondering how I can share with you everything that I saw and had the opportunity to play with.

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Product Review: Remotext Remote Control/Keyboard

Hyperkin’s Remotext is designed to be everything to everyone: gaming controller, media remote, and full QWERTY keyboard. Unfortunately, certain design flaws hinder Remotext’s performance in the first two areas. And as the controller is really only successful as a keyboard, it’s difficult to recommend this product to anyone who wants more than a mini keyboard.

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