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PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset Discount!

Did you purchase Sony’s wireless stereo headset? Well if you didn’t it’s time to act NOW! Online retailer is slashing 20% off this awesome headset, bringing the price down to $79.99! Also note that this product is eligible for free shipping! For more information on Sony’s wireless headset features, check out Jason’s great review!


Accessory Review: Sony Wireless Headset

The $99.99 price point on Sony’s new head set may have you somewhat hesitant to jump on board. With the average gaming headset going for $299, I, too, was a bit reluctant to make the purchase. Having owned a few Turtle Beach sets in the past, I went ahead and made the jump for the sleek design.

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Urban Camouflage DUALSHOCK 3 Coming in November

Finally announced to be coming this November, is the Urban Camouflage DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller! I will definitely be picking this one up next time I need a dualshock.



Accessory Review: Flex-Fire Battle Rifle for the PlayStation Move | Prodagen

Prodagen’s Flex-Fire system for the Playstation Move provides a gun-shaped bracket in which to mount the Move and Navigation controllers. Thus, the Flex-Fire is similar to Sony’s own Sharp Shooter battle rifle system, but Prodagen aims to ameliorate the Sony design in a number of ways. The most obvious difference is its aesthetics: The Flex-Fire is black and vicious, whereas the Sharp Shooter resembles yet another Nintendo Wii add-on, but one that is making a half-hearted effort to imitate a phaser rifle from Star Trek: The Next Generation (yes, from 1987). But the more important innovation of the Flex-Fire is its articulated barrel, which allows one to hold the rifle steady with one hand while turning its muzzle with another, increasing the speed with which one can adjust one’s aim. Read on to see what this means for your game.

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