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Ubisoft Announces Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC

Watch_dogs - Bad Blood

After the great sale numbers for Watch_Dogs, I was expecting Ubisoft to focus on multiplayer DLC for the game, which is why I was pleasantly surprise to read about Bad Blood being single player DLC, which is my favorite kind of DLC.

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New Persona 5 Teaser Trailer!

A new trailer for upcoming RPG Persona 5 has been released by Atlus (JP). This preview shows us a little about the world in which the events will take place and we get to know the main character. Also, the trailer also confirms that this game will be released in 2015 for PS3 and PS4!

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PS3BlogCast Episode 133

Welcome once again to another episode of the podcast. It’s another week that is light on news but there is just enough to keep the conversation moving.

Destiny is about to hit in just a few days and I know a lot of people are excited to get their hands on the finished product. I’m looking forward to it as well after having played the alpha and beta builds of the game.

How many of you are excited for Destiny? Sound off in the comments below!


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Free Points Saturday | Sep 6th

Hello! It’s already time for this week’s Free Points Saturday!

A really great game giveaway is coming up next week! To help you get some extra points, and to spice up the competition, this week we have only 8 slots available to get points on FPS.

Good luck!

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