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Slaughtering the Helgast with Move

Having downloaded and installed the Killzone 3 beta I was happy to see the familiar Move screen load up. With my PS Eye set to its little blue dot I began to strap up with my navigator and Move. The learning curve began immediately.

Dual analogs may seem awkward to somebody who doesn’t play First Person Shooters, the way you move with Move has that same first time awkwardness. Rather then having the whole screen move you are introduced to the Move’s constant gun movement. The gun bobbing all around precise to where your pointing is a site to see. I immediately adjusted the sensitivity to 60% so when my aim hit the side of the screen I would turn much faster then the default setting. By default the left to right is like barely pushing right on the Dual shocks right analog, much to slow for my liking.

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Kung-Fu Live Demo Out and Tutorial Videos

The Kung-Fu Live Demo arrived on the PlayStation Store and along with it Virtual Air Guitar released some tutorials on how to best set up your playing area. My body never fit into the white outline like his does in the video above, lol. Doesn’t really matter though as long as your whole body is visible.

Advanced Calibration tutorial after the jump.

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Win a Copy of Kung-Fu Live from! [Update]

Want to put your Kung-Fu skills to the real test? This is the game for you! We are going to giveaway a copy of Kung-Fu Live to a lucky winner. To enter this contest there are 2 steps:

  1. Must be a member of and donate 250 points to the Lottery account (please donate only once) Since it’s double points (until the morning of January 10th) new members get 110 points just for joining the site. Here are all the possible ways to earn points. Not a member yet? Join here.
  2. Leave a comment below with a photo of yourself with your favorite Kung-Fu weapon and a sign that says on it somewhere. The more unique or goofy the better, but keep it family friendly.

You have until January 16th at 10 PM Mountain Time to get your photos in. On the morning of January 17th I’ll post a poll with all the photos and the voting with take place until the morning of January 20th. If you haven’t already, check out my Kung-Fu Live Review.

[Update: I have acquired another copy of Kung-Fu Live! So now 2 winners will be choosen!]

Note: You will need a PlayStation Eye in order to play Kung-Fu Live



Official Review: Kung-Fu Live | Motion Gaming

I’ve been anxiously awaiting for Kung-Fu Live to finally hit the PlayStation Store. After the hectic holidays and my PS3 issue .. I finally got my hands on this unique PlayStation Eye motion game.

The PlayStation Eye has been around since October 2007 and it took this long to come out with a killer PlayStation Eye motion game. It was worth the wait too!

It’s also a great workout believe it or not. I was sore for a couple days after. Sadly I didn’t gain any new Kung Fu powers that I could use in the real world …. yet. Mwhahahaha.

The guys over at Virtual Air Guitar Company use FreeMotion Technology to track your movements, remove the background and place you right inside the game. It’s quite an experience to see yourself moving inside of a game world. It’s fun to watch your friends and family try it for the first time. They all picked it up really quickly too.

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