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PAX East 2011: ‘Shift 2 Unleashed’ Dangerous Corners Trailer

Shift 2‘s overwhelming gameplay trailer proved that the developers at Slightly Mad Studios understand just how blood-tingling the experience can be from moment to moment, but this latest video is all about the mental side of racing. The trailer has a little bit of a surreal quality as it talks and shows via in-game footage how drivers have to know what they are doing when they enter a particularly complex corner on a race track.

Shift 2: Unleashed will have tons of corner smashing once it’s releases on March 29th, 2011.


PAX East 2011: Homefront Launch Trailer

We’re just a few days away from the breach of the united Korean Army, so THQ brought the game’s launch trailer into PAX East 2011. Trailer seems a bit graphic so watch out.

The game is set in the year 2027, when a united Korea has established a strong alliance in the east. While they’re amassing military strength, the US continued to suffer huge economic decline. The Korean People’s Army then dispatch a major offensive against the once mighty nation, so the American resistance has to defend right in their own backyard.

Homefront launches March 15th in North America and on the 18th in Europe. That’s next week, so those looking for a cool story-dense FPS might want to check it out.


Activision Cancels Guitar (and DJ) Hero… And I AM Sad

Yesterday was a sad, sad day for music game fans as Activision has confirmed that after several layoffs hit some of their studios… Guitar Hero and DJ Hero are no more. Smaller than usual revenues for their last two music games (that would be DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock) pushed Activision to shut down that division of their business so they can focus in what gives them the most profit: more Call of Duty, the next episode of Starcract 2 and giving us a special glow in the dark mount for World of Warcraft every three months.

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Little Big Planet 2: Real Life (Sackboy)

Here’s a hilarious video of sackboy in real life, watch as he sends a personalized message to Major Nelson. He also takes a hammer to a 360 controller.

Click here for full size video.


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