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Hey guys, I should be up in Boston in a couple of hours. If there is anything you would like me to check out and report back on please let me know. What I am going to do today is just walk around, take photos, maybe try to grab some swag. I am meeting up with the guys at Turtle Beach at noon so you will probably see a lack of updates at that point but right after it should pick back up. Hope you enjoy!

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Another Quality FooBear408 Liveblog Event! | Engadget Meetup

Greetings loyal FooBear408 minions! Looks like another liveblog this Friday will be taking place in my neck of the woods: San Francisco.

The event hailed as the “Engadget Meetup” is being hosted in fog city this time (the event was in NYC last year) and the list of guests is quite impressive. Everyone from PlayStation to OnLive is going to be there, and, of course, yours truly, will be there rubbing elbows and kissing babies. Autographs after my work is done though, Tosh really seems to get out the proverbial liveblog whip…

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[Live Blog] Dragon Age 2 Event

FooBear408 is at it again, this time he is covering a Dragon Age 2 event. He will be live blogging for those that are interested. It starts tonight at 6PM PST. If you have any questions you want him to ask. Tweet them @PS3BlogLive.

Live Blog after the jump.

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[Live Blog] Crysis 2 Multiplayer Event

FooBear408 will be attending the Crysis 2 multiplayer event on behalf of tonight and he will be Live Blogging the event for those of you that are interested. It will start around 6PM PST tonight. He will be posting a more in depth about the event in a few days.

If you have any questions for him, tweet them at @PS3BlogLive

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