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New Kevin Butler Ad Shows Off Tiger Woods and Vuvuzellas

Here’s a new KB ad that features the Maguire family and Tiger Woods 11. What’s really out of the ordinary is that this is, to my knowledge, the first “It Only Does Everything” ad to feature a third party title as the main subject material. I was actually expecting a Gran Turismo 5 ad to be the next one on the list. This one is still funny, though.


Sony’s VP of Holistic Move Integration

Adam Sessler from G4 interviews Kevin Butler about how he decided to move in with a suburban family. I saw this on the Kevin Butler from Sony’s Ad Campaigns Facebook page.



KB Advertises the EyePet

Kevin Butler has a few choice words for puppies. I guess until labradoodles learn to fly planes, Mr. Butler will be sticking to his new furry friend.



Another Kevin Butler Move Ad!

Kevin Butler is now the VP of Family Funterventions now, and he is bringing the laughs as usual. The comment about the old guy was hilarious!



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