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It Only Does Sharp Shooting

Two new commercials are going to be hitting the streets to promote the PlayStation Move sharp shooter in some good old Killzone 3 action. As always the commercials have a good amount of humor in them and damn does Killzone 3 look good!

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Kevin Butler Does LittleBigPlanet 2

For a second, I thought that we weren’t going to get a KB ad for LBP2, but I suppose I was wrong (it would have been weird if he didn’t have one anyway). Personally, I have seen better, but it was still pretty good. Who’s going to be picking up the game next week when it launches?


Mushroom Wars Goes Online

PSN Stores posted some exciting news about Mushroom Wars, as fun as the game was a lot of people complained that they wanted multilayer. It seems like it worked, Creat Studios listened, thought it over, and decided to release an addon pack to give the game just that.

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Journey’s First Trailer

So far all we have know about Journey is that it’s a game developed by the talented people of thatgamecompany. They are the same people that brought us “flOw” and “Flower”. Even from this trailer we really can’t tell much about the game except that it has someone traveling across many locations in search of something.

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