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PS+ Update for March


The Official PlayStation Blog posted the new PS+ Games for March! Sorry about being a little late on this one this month. Will be on time for April’s update.

They are:

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[PS Vita review] Gunslugs

Gunslugs - D

Gunslugs is a highly addictive, retro-inspired, rogue-like, scrolling action shooter which really has almost everything you want in a good game! A big cast of unlockable characters, screen filling end bosses, a nice variety of weapons, drivable tanks, jetpacks, hidden worlds, princesses, armor shop, white wizards, nerds with handhelds, rain, snow, hell, hellworms, sandworms, train rides and soooo much more! The game comes with a thumping soundtrack from legendary chiptune artist Gavin Harrison, leaderboards, trophies, cloud saving, and superb controls.

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[PS3 Review] Magus

Since the creation of the world, and of mankind, obeisance to the gods and their whims was the focal point of the lives of all who inhabit the lands created by the divine. However, as the gods disappeared from people’s daily lives, their power and influence began to wane, and cynicism and secularism replaced piety and belief. Amidst the world’s slow abandonment of the gods, a profoundly devotee and servant of the gods named Kinna infiltrated one the many prisons of the Waterfall Realm in hopes of finding one who would become a god. Encountering Magus, a prisoner who has spent his entire life incarcerated, she believes that she has found who she was sent to look for. After claiming the powers that were his birthright and learning his true identity, Magus, with Kinna by his side, takes his first steps towards an unknown future.

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PS3BlogCast Episode 117

We’re back again with another episode of the podcast. This week it’s just Isli and I, as MissXya is once again busy at work. We missed last week due to more overtime at work, but hopefully we’ll be able to get back on track.

We’re coming up on the next giveaway sponsored by the podcast, though I’m still debating which game we will be giving away this time around.

Tune in this episode to hear a bit of news but be warned that the last half of the podcast is basically a spoilercast for Left Behind. I placed the secret word at the front of that section, that way anyone who decides to tune out can still get the points.



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