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PS3BlogCast Episode 190

Welcome back to another short episode of the podcast. The news still hasn’t really kicked up, but there are a few things we are able to discuss such as The Division.

Speaking of which I’m hoping to get into the beta on PS4 at the end of the month for that, since I don’t want to preorder just for the beta. I’m hoping it turns out well and the servers don’t have too many issues. Of course in the meantime I’m still having a blast playing Rainbow Six Siege so I’ll be alright until the final release.

What about you guys? Interested in The Division? Let us know in the comments below!


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Layers Of Fear Coming To PS4 On February 16

Layers of Fear - 1

Indie developer Bloober Team has been hard at work on Layers of Fear, a new PlayStation 4 game that is set for release on February 16! Check out the trailer below, and be sure to stick around at since we’ll be doing an interview with the team as well as a review for the game!
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Not a Hero Is Coming To PS4 On February 2nd


On the Official Playstation Blog, Roll7’s creative director John Ribbins talked about their upcoming game Not a Hero. You might know Roll7 from their previous release OlliOlli and its sequel.

They talk a lot about the development process for this game, but not much about the gameplay itself. Nonetheless, this is the intriguing tag line which they included:

Our 2D, cover-based, side-scrolling shooter about a purple rabbit from the future

I’m definitely intrigued by this release, and hope to have more information about this release once it’s closer to launch!

More information can be found on the official Playstation Blog.

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[PS4 Puzzle Review] Infinifactory


Do you want a unique puzzler? Do you want a challenging puzzler? What about a sandbox puzzler? Infinifactory ticks all the boxes. It is indeed a unique sandbox first-person puzzler and a very challenging one at that with countless levels for you to complete. Infinifactory is a factory building puzzle game where you have to find the correct solution using the square boxes of varying types at your disposal. At the start you are only given the basic blocks, but more will unlock as you progress, changing the way you approach each subsequent puzzle.
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