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Uncharted Movie gets new director

After Filmmaker David O. Russell left the project due to “creative differences”, The Hollywood reporter revealed that Columbia Pictures is in final negotiations with Neil Burger (Director of Limitless, the Illusionist) to write and direct the long awaited adaptation of Drake’s Fortune. As for the leading roles of Wahlberg and Johansson as Nathan Drake and Elena respectively, its still unclear.


New info on Live-Action Red Faction movie

A red faction movie titled “Red Faction: Origins” is set to air on the syfy channel on June 4th. The movie bridges together Red Faction: Guerrilla and the upcoming Red Faction: Armageddon. The movie stars Robert Patrick as Guerrilla protagonist Alec Mason and Brian J. Smith (Lt. Matthew Scott in Stargate Universe) as his son Jake Mason. More screenshots here.


Just Cause Game-Based Movie in the Works

A movie based on the game series “Just Cause” is currently being produced by L+E Pictures’ Adrian Askarieh and Eric Eisner, and the script is being written by Michael Ross. Adrian Askarieh is known for producing Hitman and is currently working on the upcoming Kane and Lynch movie. In an interview by Eidos, they stated that the movie will be an origin story detailing Rico’s transformation into Scorpio, and it may even be filmed in 3D. There are no details available on when it will start shooting or who will star in the movie.

We are using all the strong elements from the games to create a great “origin story” for Rico and how he transforms into the Scorpion character… The action we are going for almost demands the 3D treatment


November Needs to Hurry Up And Get Here Already

I’ve been sitting here for the past 20 minutes looking at a blank screen on my iPhone4, not sure how to type this next article. Should I make it a “puff” piece? What should I do? Should I stick to the facts? Should I just base it on personal experience like I have with my past articles and hope you all don’t come after me with torches and pitchforks? What should I do? Should i just bombard you with sales figures and other overwhelming stats? What should I do? Should I NOT rip off Lebron James and just get to the point? That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Nathan Drake.

Let’s face it, the man is like Indiana Jones on steroids. He’s a downright, no punch pulling – hero. He’s also quite brash when facing danger right in the eye. He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t run from bullets, but takes the shortest path to them. He’s got zingy one-liners and a chiseled jawline. He knows how to handle himself in a fight and knows his way around a weapon or two. If you’re planning on going into a gunfight, you’re going to want this cat on your team. He’s got past loves and current ones. He has enemies and then he’s got people that just want nothing more on this earth then to watch him die slowly – the purest of villains. He’s also a complete workup of fiction. Created by a small Santa Monica development studio – Naughty Dog, way back in early 2006.

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