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Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk releases today on the PS Vita!


On the official Playstation Blog, Tecmo Koei has announced that Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk is releasing today!

I played, and reviewed a few of the earlier Atelier games, and I can’t wait to play this one! Any of you interested in the Atelier series ?

If you already played the PS3 version, here are some of the new features available exclusively for the Vita version:

This enhanced PS Vita version will bring new features including dual audio (English and Japanese voices), new bosses, new costumes, a Hard mode, and the Album missions which unlock exclusive costumes and gameplay features and the ability to change party members at any time.

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InFamous 2 Releases Today; Kevin Butler says it’s “EPIC”

Today, one of Sony’s most anticipated titles of the year releases. InFamous 2. I enjoyed the first title myself, and with the upgraded visuals and new features and powers available in this one, you can’t really go wrong with it. Anyone picking this one up? Given my current situation, my best bet for now would be renting it from GameFly, though.

Anyway, be sure to see what Kevin Butler, the VP of Heroic Actions, has to say about the game in the newly released InFamous 2 ad.

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PSP Games Coming to PS3 with HD Visuals and Extra Content

Sony has announced a new initiative where select PSP titles will be ported to the PS3 with improvements (think dual analog sticks) to each game. They are calling this movement Playstation Portable Remaster Series.

All games will display HD graphics but some games will have 3D support, new exclusive content, control pad support and more!

Game saves will still be interchangeable between the PSP and PS3.

To get an idea what we are to expect, check out the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd up above.

Edit: Rumors are flying around that the HD versions of these PSP games will be compatible with the NGP which makes sense. Lots to look forward to!


New to PS3 – Week of 4-12-11

Last week we had nothing in terms of retail, and this week is just about the same. We have “The Michael Jackson Experience” and “Rio”. Both family friendly, and great for kids. Rio is only $29.99, so why not spoil the kids with that price tag. The Portal 2 strategy guide will also be available Tuesday, so if you’re the type of person who likes to plan ahead, by all means, pick it up for $19.99. The MJ game is $49.99, which isn’t too bad. I can see it being a collectors item down the line for sure. Shame they wont re-do moonwalker, as that was, at the very least, a fun game.

You know you want this! Still not sold?

In the end, we have Dungeon Hunters on PSN, so all is not lost. I believe a Game Night was mentioned by Oly, so if you haven’t, join the Game Night group HERE


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