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Pre-Release NGP (PSP2) Video

Although nothing is revealed, it does tease that something is coming. Why we hadn’t seen this before the Tokyo reveal is beyond me.

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“PlayStation Suite” Will Allow PlayStation Content on Android Smartphones and Tablets

Although overshadowed by the news of the NGP (PSP2), “PlayStation Suite” was just announced. PS Suite will be PlayStation’s first cross platform endeavor, “making PS content available on Android smartphones and tablets.”
Jeff Rubenstein, via a live Blog said that the “PS Suite provides a new framework that supports the development of games for portable devices,” and that “This new game framework is designed to attract as many developers as possible.”

It seems that although new development of games will be supported, PSX or PS1 games are likely to hit first, including those shown, Medievil ,Syphon Filter, Cool Boarders 2, Rally Cross, and Wild Arms .

“PlayStation Suite content is slated to be available within the next calendar year,” and will also be available on the NGP.


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