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GT5 Gets A New Steering Wheel, You Wont Believe The Cost

I only bought Gran Turismo 5 just recently (December 3rd in regards to this article) and I absolutely love the game, It’s simply amazing, so I went searching for more information on the game to see if I could learn more about it in regards to possible Easter eggs or things like that, and what I got was this, a search return on one of the most amazing steering wheels I have ever seen.

The new steering wheel developed by the Thrustmaster company has reportedly tweeted that the new GT5 steering unit will retail for a whopping $500 USD, they claim it to be a “High end device”, which reportedly comes with the steering unit itself, and a pedal unit as well. The steering unit has amazing detail and also features paddle shifters and the Pedal units features ‘sport’ pedals with the standard 3 pedal setup, clutch, break and accelerator. There was also a rumor of an H-Shifter module that is sold as separately to complete the ensemble.

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TRON: Evolution Multiplayer Impressions Preview

At the Tron Evolution preview, I was engaged in mortal combat with other combatants. The first mode, I started with was Team Slayer (Disintegrate). I managed to grab some derezzes (kill) initially. Team colors are Blue vs Orange (where did red go?) I also watched a few of the other people playing completely annihilate the other team. The camera angle is not the greatest one in the world but it will work for now. I assume the sensitivity was really low.

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God of War Ghost of Sparta PSP Preview

Kratos is back on the PSP for another mythical adventure allowing you to rip off heads and impale you enemies whilst on the bus on the way to work. Once again the PSP GOW title is developed by Ready at Dawn who were responsible for the excellent Chains of Olympus. Looking bigger and better than Chains, Ghost of Sparta is hoping to keep the PSP market alive with more epic action.

The section I played featured outside of Atlantis starting on ship at sea before ending up on the outskirts of Atlantis. Fighting though the usual enemy types along with some spider like creatures which are spawned by the big Scylla who features throughout making a nuisance of themselves serving as a boss fight half way through. The preview broadly covered many aspects including combat, typical platforming sections and mini games. These have been influenced by GOW3 and now show the buttons on the side of the screen correlating to their position on the console so O is on the right and X along the bottom etc.. making them more intuitive. The combat arena also makes an appearance for the first time on PSP which will add to the longevity.

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Dragon Age II Trailer and Concept Art

Dragon Age II

Bioware confirmed release dates for Dragon Age II, the sequel to their popular 2009 RPG, at German conference gamescom 2010. The title is scheduled to hit North America on March 8, 2011, and to arrive in Europe March 11, 2011. According to the August 2010 cover story in Game Informer magazine, “DA2″ will take place in part contemporaneously with the events of the first title, but the adventures will happen in different parts of the game world, Thedas. In a significant break from the tradition of the first game, the player will not be able to affect the race, gender, or physical “look” of his or her playable character, and the character will be fully voice-acted (unlike the “silent” warden that one plays in the first game). New trailer and concept art after the jump.

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