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PSN Europe Down For Maintainance Tomorrow

Heads up for our European PS3 owners. PSN will be down for maintainance tomorrow November 3rd between 4PM and 9PM. You won’t be able to sign into PSN unless you already signed in before it starts, in that case you should still be able to game online.

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PSN Terms of Service Sept. 15, 2011 | Waiver of Right to Class Action Lawsuit

So be honest: Did you actually read the new Terms of Service agreement that was posted in advance of Firmware update 3.72 several days ago? I’ll admit it—I didn’t! I scroll right through those things like a chump. The faster I can get to the “Accept” button, the faster I can reconnect to PSN and regain access to online gaming, the PSN store, Netflix streaming, etc. Perhaps I was overhasty on this occasion, as Sony included a rather surprising clause in the latest TOS, acceptance of which waives my right ever to join a class action lawsuit against the corporation. More details—and information about how to reclaim the aforementioned right, should you wish to do so—after the jump.

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PlayStation Network Services To Be Restored In Japan This Wednesday

If you thought the wait for the PSN to return was painful. People in Japan are still without use of the PlayStation Network. But it will finally be restored this Wednesday.


Sony Extends the “Welcome Back” Program

If you haven’t already taken advantage of the PSN “welcome back” program, then you are in luck! Sony has extended the Welcome back program 2 extra days to Tuesday July 5th. The Welcome back package includes free games and 30 days of PlayStation Plus trial as Sony’s apology for the PSN down time. No reason had been provided for the Extension.


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