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[Review Revisited] Knack

Knack_Logo copy

Remember Knack? It was one of the launch titles from the PS4. Cute little guy, that can turn into a big huge guy? Now you remember!

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Eiyuu Senki — The World Conquest Coming To PS3

Eiyuu Senki — The World Conquest - 6 N

RPG Eiyuu Senki — The World Conquest is a PS3 strategy that has been released by Fruitbat Factory on the European PSN. They’re also going to be releasing it in the US PSN on November 24, so we figured now would be a good time to share with you a video for it. We’re working on a review for this SRPG, so be sure to stick around at to learn more about the game!

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[PS4 Review] Alien: Isolation – Crew Expendable DLC

Alien Isolation Crew Expendable Review

After reviewing the main campaign for Alien: Isolation, it is now time to dive into the DLC content for the game! The Crew Expendable DLC was originally offered as a pre-order bonus for the Nostromo Edition of Alien: Isolation back in 2014, and it is based on key events from the Alien movie universe. Now Sega has released the complete collection that includes both Crew Expendable and The Last Survivor DLC missions. I will be reviewing the Last Survivor DLC soon, so be on the lookout for that!

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Square Enix Working On A Physical Release For Life is Strange!

Life Is Strange Header Image

Life is Strange from Square-Enix and Dontnod Entertainment is an excellent episodic adventure release that recently launched its final episode on PlayStation 4. Square-Enix has now announced that a physical edition will be released in 2016!

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