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Flame Over Now Available on Vita!

Flame Over Header Image

After several years of hard work, Laughing Jackal has finally released Flame Over, their pyroguelike action game on the PlayStation Vita. We’re working on a review that will go live next week, but for now you can check the launch trailer for the game below:

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Free Toukiden: Kiwami Demo Out on March 25

Toukiden - Kiwami

Koei Tecmo got in touch with us to announce that they’ll be releasing a free demo for Toukiden: Kiwami next week. This demo will help players to get acquainted with the world of Toukiden: Wiwami by showcasing the first two chapters of the game, allowing players to customize their own Slayer, as well as try some of the new weapon types availble in this release.

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Four Sided Fantasy On Its Way From Curve Digital

Four Sided Fantasy Header Image

Curve Digital got in touch with us to mention that, along with all other projects they have for us to enjoy this year, they’re also working on bringing Four Sided Fantasy to Sony systems in 2016. Want to learn more about the game? Then click after the break to check a video and a couple of screens from Four Sided Fantasy.

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[Vita RPG Review] Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment-


Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment- is an RPG from Namco Bandai Games, that follows the first season of the Sword Art Online anime. I purchased it the day it released last year, and played it a lot! Earlier this year, the Official Playstation Blog announced that this game had ranked #1 in the 2014 PS Vita PSN sales, so I decided it was time to review it to let you know what it is all about.

The story of Hollow Fragment takes place right after the events of the first arc of the first season of SAO (without spoiling anything, this is at the 75th floor of the Aincrad). The game was supposed to end there, but due to a glitch, players have been warped to the 76th floor instead of being freed from SAO.

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