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Playstation Plus Subscribers – Part of Your October Content Is Here!

Once the PSN Store Update has gone live, Playstation Plus subscribers will be able to download The King of Fighters XIII absolutely free as part of the Instant Game Collection! On top of that, some of the DLC for the game will be available at a nice discount so you can get the most of this excellent fighting game.

On top of that, you can purchase Revenge of Shinobi for $1, and buy Derrick the Deathfin, a brand new PSN Exclusive game, with a 30% discount.

So, how many of you fighting game fans out there are thrilled about this great news?


Spend $100 on PSN This October, Get $20 Credit in November

For the month of October, Sony is running a promotion where, if you spend $100, you will be emailed a voucher code for $20 credit in November. This offer only applies to the first $100, however, but it’s a store-wide promotion, so anything you buy will go toward that amount. Even purchasing a subscription for PlayStation Plus and the NFL Sunday Ticket will count. How many of you expect to take advantage of that?



Colored PlayStation Vitas and PS+ Service

It was a question asked by many a Playstation fan, can we get PlayStation Vitas in different colors? Well Sony has now answered that for you by revealing two colors of their new PlayStation Vita product line-up.

The colors, which are referred to as Cosmic Blue and Sapphire Red, are the latest additions to their vastly growing PlayStation range. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Tokyo Game Show, you’ll already know that Sony has already revealed their latest and slimmest PlayStation models – which are due to go on sale at the end of this month.

The technical specification of both colored Vitas hasn’t changed at all, as both models are exactly the same spec as the original PlayStation Vita, which was launched back in February of this year.

The new colored models are due to go on sale in Japan around November 15th.
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Sony’s TGS 2012 Press Conference Recap

Sony wrapped up their TGS 2012 presentation with a few announcements last night. It all started when Andrew House, President and Group CEO of SCE, got on stage unveiling a new, redesigned PS3. The new PS3, approximately 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the current PS3, will be available in 250GB and 500GB models on September 25th in North America. The 250GB will go for $269.99, as part of a limited edition bundle featuring Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Game of the Year edition, and a voucher for more than $30 worth of digital content for Dust 514. As for the 500GB model, it will be available in a limited edition Assassin’s Creed III bundle on October 30th in North America. Both models will be available in Black and White.

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