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Playstation Plus Subscribers – Your January Content Is Almost Here!

PS Plus January

In case you haven’t checked it out, there is a huge sale that will go live tomorrow, and PS+ members can take advantage of an extra discount which brings some games down to 1/4 of their original price!
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PlayStation Plus Complete Games List for US & EU

A complete list of All free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The list does NOT include add-ons, trials or betas. This is a work in progress, so if something from the past is incorrect or missing please post a comment with the Title and Date it was initially put on PLUS.
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Playstation Plus Subscribers – Some Of Your December Content Has Been Announced!

Short and sweet update. Sony has just announced two new games that will be added to the instant game collection: Rochard (which we reviewed) and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition!

I’m sure we’ll get another soon with a list of extra sales and discounts for PS+ subscribers to close the year, so be sure to visit us!


Playstation Plus Subscribers – Welcome your First Round of Vita Content!

Vita PS+

Well, the time has come for Sony to FINALLY unveil what PS+ for Vita will do for your Instant Gaming Collection… and Sony heard you REALLY like your Instant Gaming Collection, so they put an Instant Gaming Collection inside your Instant Gaming Collection so you can use your Instant Gaming Collection while you’re using your Instant Gaming Collection.

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